Erotic & Sensual Tantric Massage

“The art of sacred sensuality fully naked body to body
massage has never been better.”

Hello and welcome to the Adult Pleasure Dome where we practice the art of erotic Tantric massage. Tantric massage is a full body massage, so every part of your body will be given attention and care, with the special emphasis on your most sensitive areas.

Tantric massage can help prolong erotic pleasure and is a gateway to sexual and spiritual ecstasy where time disappears and all your problems are forgotten. Sensual Tantric Massage requires time and dedication but anyone can get a taste of
Tantric Bliss by means of an erotic Tantric Massage.

We do not like to tell you exactly what will occur during your massage as the erotic suspense is part of the pleasure but generally your
Personal Goddess will begin the massage by having you lay comfortably on your belly with your legs slightly apart. She will then slowly and gently massage your toes, feet, thighs, spine, shoulders and arms with balmy fragrant oil.

After finishing with your back, your Personal Goddess will turn you over and pay even more attention to your whole body. Skilfully combining Tantric Sensual Massage techniques with special touching and breathing she will intensify your sensitivity and build the pleasure up to the maximum thus prolonging this exciting
Sensual Erotic experience, all you have to do is to stay relaxed and enjoy the pleasure with a happy and fulfilled ending.

Additionally, your Personal Tantric Goddess will touch and stroke you with satin fabrics and silk scarves to accelerate your pleasure. If you have any special pleasures we are always happy to tailor make your Tantric Sensual Massage experience, so please tell us of any special requirements you may have.

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